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Polishing sanding machines for metal polishing

Satin finishing metals, an ideal process for our combined sanding machines. Also ideal for metal cleaning.

Satin-finishing metals to make them aesthetically pleasing is a fairly common operation. Stainless steel or satin-finished aluminium, in particular, with suitable abrasive brushes and belts with various grit compositions, can achieve excellent results, especially when it comes to tubular steelwork. Minute amounts of material are removed in this process, making the pipe increasingly satin-finished and capable of reflecting light in both a specular and diffuse manner. A sort of semi-glossy effect, in other words, which makes the part more aesthetically refined and can be more or less accentuated depending on the operator's experience. The operation also has the purpose of covering marks or defects left by processing as it removes certain roughness, especially in processed grains.


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Polishing sanding machines for metal polishing