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Bevelling, chamfering, grinding

Fast dry machining to prepare metal surfaces for welding or simply for 45° chamfering of simple sheet metal or carpentry parts.

Preparing parts to be welded is a common type of treatment in structural steelwork. Chamfering, i.e. the cutting of an edge, is the operation used to prepare the edges for welding. Through this operation the edges to be welded will have fewer imperfections resulting in a more homogeneous and resistant weld.  In the case of our combined chamfering machines, the operation takes place with mechanical removal by a milling cutter with carbide inserts and is aimed at small and medium-sized metal parts.

The maximum chamfer depth that can be achieved with our chamfering machines model 810/803 and combinations ranges from 7.5 to 10 mm. The bevelling/grinding machine combination is ideal for mechanical workshops that need to carry out small, fast bevelling and grinding operations on components.


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Bevelling, chamfering, grinding